How to Tune a Guitar

November 17, 2014
Equipment for Tuning a Guitar

Tuning Equipment

This is the third tutorial of our Beginners Workshop. Today we want to tune a guitar the first time. The tuning of your guitar is very important, even during short practice sessions. If your guitar is out of tune, your chords and riffs will always sound wrong. That does not only reduce the fun while playing but can be very frustrating too (especially for beginners). In this tutorial I will explain the arrangement and designation of the guitar strings and I will introduce different techniques to tune your guitar. Even when you already tuned a guitar a few times, this tutorial might contain some useful tips you did not know yet.

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Music Industry, we have a problem.

November 8, 2014

guitar_rocketYou may have noticed, that we do not post any tablatures of famous musicians/bands at the moment. The reasons are some complicated copyright issues on tablatures of well-known songs. We did everything we could to get licenses for publishing those tablatures on our website but it will take some time until our request will be processed. In this short post, I want to discuss some of the copyright issues. Furthermore I will introduce our current strategy for keeping up duochords with a subset of the already planned songs and explain your advantages from it.

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sunny autumn tablature

November 7, 2014

autumnIt’s a sunny autumn here in germany and I just finished a short acoustic guitar duo turning the mood into music. It’s slow and easy to play. The first guitar can repeat the background pattern and the second guitar plays some improvisations. Or you can just use the given tablatures and play the song in the same way I did in the given audio file. I hope you enjoy this tablature. Feedback, additions and corrections are welcome.

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Acoustic Guitar Infographic

November 4, 2014
infographic preview

infographic about acoustic guitars

Infographics are cool. They are everywhere on the web. They look great and we get to know some facts by the way. They are often easier to understand and better to remember than text only

We want to follow this trend and therefore designed an infographic about acoustic guitars. It explains the different parts of an acoustic guitar in detail and describes the differences between classical and western guitars. I did not find a similar graphic on the web with all information and a clean design and thought it could be useful (especially for beginners).

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Blues Guitar Chords

October 30, 2014

blues guitarist

Today, I want to show you how to play a simple 12-bar-blues on your acoustic guitar(s). You can play it with only one guitar and sing your own lyrics, or you can play and jam it together on two guitars. With the easy-to-learn scale given in this post, you can even start to improvise and play your own blues tune / solo. The given blues guitar chords and tablatures are both suitable for beginners although the characteristic scale and rythms sound a bit unfamiliar at first.

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