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Easy Guitar Duo Tabs

January 24, 2015

easy_duo_tabsToday, I worked on a tablature I started to write some months ago. I am still not very happy with the part used as refrain but nevertheless, the song has some nice arrangements in it. These Easy Guitar Duo Tabs are composed of the three basic chords G, D and C. It is reduced to a simple, and not very surprising melody. That way it sounds very familiar. The¬†Easy Guitar Duo Tabs contain a Verse, a Bridge and the “Refrain”.

Maybe you have some suggestions for the refrain. I think it should be replaced by something totally different. I would appreciate some comments on that snippet below.


Here are the according tablatures:

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Spanish Guitar Tabs

December 10, 2014

spanisch_coverI already published a preview of this song recently but today I finally want to share the according tablatures with you. As always you will find not only the spanish guitar tabs but also audio files of both guitars in this post. With the advice and instructions at the bottom of the article, everybody should be able to play this song easily. As you can see in the first audio file below this paragraph, the song is a bit longer than usual. It has an intro and outro as well as chorus, refrain and solo-parts. So you got a complete and brand-new song for free ;o) We hope you like to play it as much as we did during the last session. I think I can say that this our favourite song at the moment. The background guitar uses some special strumming techniques which will be explained in detail in one of our upcoming tutorials. You can play it with standard chord strumming nevertheless.

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas Tabs

December 3, 2014

Our second christmas guitar duo is the well-known song “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. It is a very simple arrangement for two guitars, but it maybe a bit more difficult than “Silent Night”, because it is a bit faster and has a so-called pick-up note. The tablatures however are easy to read and straight forward to play. We put the names of the chords above the tablatures for the background-guitar to improve readability for advanced players. The second guitar can be replaced by vocals if you prefer to sing the song with your family or friends.

As always, you can find the tablatures as well as some audio files in this post, so that you can start practicing directly. Remember, that there are only three weeks left till Christmas Eve ;o)

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Silent Night Tablature

November 26, 2014
Silent Night Tablature

Silent Night Tablature

We promised you to publish our new tablatures from our guitar session last week. So today, we want to share the well-known song Silent Night with you. With the given tablatures and audio files, you can start practising the song right away to surprise your families or friends with a christmas guitar duo during christmas holidays.

Silent Night is by the way the most famous christmas song on earth. Originally composed in Austria, it was translated to more than 50 languages.

In our tablature, we arranged two guitars in the simplest way: The background guitar plays decomposed standard chords, and the second guitar adds single notes according to the vocals.

As addition to the tablatures we provide you both guitars as single audio-files so that you can practise the melody for example while listening to the rhythm guitar or vice versa.

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sunny autumn tablature

November 7, 2014

autumnIt’s a sunny autumn here in germany and I just finished a short acoustic guitar duo turning the mood into music. It’s slow and easy to play. The first guitar can repeat the background pattern and the second guitar plays some improvisations. Or you can just use the given tablatures and play the song in the same way I did in the given audio file. I hope you enjoy this tablature. Feedback, additions and corrections are welcome.

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