Acoustic Guitar Infographic

November 4, 2014
infographic preview

infographic about acoustic guitars

Infographics are cool. They are everywhere on the web. They look great and we get to know some facts by the way. They are often easier to understand and better to remember than text only

We want to follow this trend and therefore designed an infographic about acoustic guitars. It explains the different parts of an acoustic guitar in detail and describes the differences between classical and western guitars. I did not find a similar graphic on the web with all information and a clean design and thought it could be useful (especially for beginners).

All information provided in the graphics should be considered as guidelines. There are always different acoustic guitar models that differ from those rules of thumb.

Acoustic guitar infographic

Acoustic guitar infographic (click image to see full size)

As always, feedback and corrections are welcome. If you want to share this graphic on your website, please refer to duochords.

About the author (Dorian Glagla)

I am studying Systems Engineering at the university of Essen-Germany. I've been playing guitar for about 16 years. I visited a classical music school in Düsseldorf-Germany the first eleven years. Since 2009 I focussed on practicing modern music by mylself but i still like to play classical pieces too (Tarrega, Albeniz et al).. See all posts by

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