Acoustic Guitar Tutorials


Duochords Tutorials

On this page, you can find an overview about all of our acoustic guitar tutorials published so far. Our tutorials do not focus on guitar duos but provide tips and guidance for everything concerning acoustic guitars.

The tutorial you looked for is not there? Feel free to contact us and make a request for a tutorial you are looking for. You can leave a comment with the topic of interest below.

Beginners Workshop

In our Beginners Workshop, you will learn the basics about playing acoustic guitar. Starting with choosing the right guitar to buy, we will end up with playing your first songs. Get to know some of the theories behind, learn how to read our tablatures and how to practise successfully. You can start with this tutorial series wherever you want. Even advanced guitarists may find some interesting new facts they did not know.

  1. How to buy your first acoustic guitar
  2. How to hold the guitar
  3. How to tune a guitar
  4. How to read tablatures (coming soon)
  5. Your first three chords (coming soon)

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