Silent Night Video

December 24, 2015

Hohoho, it is more than a year ago that we published our Silent Night Tabs for two acoustic guitars. And because today it is December 24, we decided to record a short Video of these tablatures in action. You can find the tablatures in this post.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful silent night!

Nothing else matters video online

August 25, 2015
Nothing Else Matters recording

Nothing Else Matters recording

As promised, we edited our recorded video of our “Nothing Else Matters” interpretation. Our goal was to show you all the different parts of the song, that can be played together on two acoustic guitars. This interpretation of nothing else matters is optimized for two acoustic guitars. That means that it contains no riffs above the twelfth fret and it is arranged in a way that it contains all relevant pieces of the song without repeating the verse with the vocals.

Some parts in this nothing else matters video are written by our own. Those parts can not be found in the original song. This is for filling all the the gaps, so that both guitarists have something to play for the whole song. We hope you enjoy this video and we will try to publish the according tablature snippets soon. There are already many tabs of this song online you can work with so for and if there are questions left, just feel free to ask and maybe we publish missing parts of those tablatures on our website.

As always: Feedback is very welcome!

Robin Schulz acoustic cover

August 24, 2015
Robin Schulz acoustic cover

Robin Schulz acoustic cover recording


While waiting for our slow video editing software, we have used the chance to play a short video of the song “sugar” by Robin Schulz. It was just played in our waiting time as a short project.

There are some Robin Schulz acoustic cover versions online already but we added some new, additional tabs and chords for the second guitar.

If someone needs the chords oder tabs Dorian plays, please recommend :) He plays basically the same chords as I am picking. You can find the tablatures of the part that I am playing on here. It’s a bit different from the original song, but it’s easyer to play this way and sounds better then the original melody when played on acoustic only.

We will post our “Nothing else matters” – video in a few moments too, but this was our first youtube video ever, so we are very interested in your opinions. The audio quality should be already a bit better than in our latest audio recordings.

Feel free to give us feedback on this Robin Schulz acoustic cover.