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Blues Guitar Chords

October 30, 2014

blues guitarist

Today, I want to show you how to play a simple 12-bar-blues on your acoustic guitar(s). You can play it with only one guitar and sing your own lyrics, or you can play and jam it together on two guitars. With the easy-to-learn scale given in this post, you can even start to improvise and play your own blues tune / solo. The given blues guitar chords and tablatures are both suitable for beginners although the characteristic scale and rythms sound a bit unfamiliar at first.

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First-Classic – Tablature

October 11, 2014

This tablature is the first classical acoustic guitar duo on duochords. I wrote it down yesterday and it is completely made-up without being based on any original piece.

DSCN4229It was my first try writing a piece of classical music ever, but i am quite happy with it. At the moment it is still a bit monotonous, but this is one of the common ways to start a classical piece. When i wrote this tablature, i already came up with possible continuations but i prefered to publish it as it is at the moment. First of all i did this to fill gap in the classical tablature section of duochords. But maybe i will continue this piece in the future.

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Ambient chillout (part 1) – Tablature

October 7, 2014

During the recent weeks, I found some nice ambient radio stations and enjoyed listening to this kind of calm and not distracting music. Because of the bad weather here in Essen I just picked up my guitar and wrote down a slow and easy duo tablature for two guitars. It is not very long, but i think it is more than just a snippet. I will continue this tablature with further parts in the future, but this part will remain as it is.

Here is how it sounds when both guitars play together:

Both guitars are very easy to play. The first one contains two barré chords, so it might be a bit more exhausting. To provide you some assistance while practicing this tablature, I recorded both guitars separately, so that you can practise the other part respectively.

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Balkan Nights Snippet

September 30, 2014

This is a simple draft of tablatures I wrote down inspired by the song Balkan Nights by Amir Beso on youtube (you find the youtube video at the bottom of this post). The first guitar plays a really simple pattern nearly the whole song and is therefore suitable for beginners. Maybe I will expand this part in future versions and make it a bit more challenging. The whole piece is still a draft and there is a lot missing. There is still some work to do, but I look forward to complete and optimize this tablature for two acoustic guitars.

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