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I am studying Systems Engineering at the university of Essen-Germany. I've been playing guitar for about 16 years. I visited a classical music school in Düsseldorf-Germany the first eleven years. Since 2009 I focussed on practicing modern music by mylself but i still like to play classical pieces too (Tarrega, Albeniz et al).

This Girl

June 24, 2017

Hey there, it’s a long time ago, but we finally managed to meet again for a new guitar-session. Because of the many replies and the best feedback of our “Robin Schulz – sugar” – video, we decides to record another song from the charts. This time, it’s the song “this girl” by “Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners”. We added some rythm with my brandnew cajon (this was the first time I tried to play this percussion instrument at all).

The acoording tab-snippets will be published soon on

Silent Night Video

December 24, 2015

Hohoho, it is more than a year ago that we published our Silent Night Tabs for two acoustic guitars. And because today it is December 24, we decided to record a short Video of these tablatures in action. You can find the tablatures in this post.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful silent night!

Nothing else matters video online

August 25, 2015
Nothing Else Matters recording

Nothing Else Matters recording

As promised, we edited our recorded video of our “Nothing Else Matters” interpretation. Our goal was to show you all the different parts of the song, that can be played together on two acoustic guitars. This interpretation of nothing else matters is optimized for two acoustic guitars. That means that it contains no riffs above the twelfth fret and it is arranged in a way that it contains all relevant pieces of the song without repeating the verse with the vocals.

Some parts in this nothing else matters video are written by our own. Those parts can not be found in the original song. This is for filling all the the gaps, so that both guitarists have something to play for the whole song. We hope you enjoy this video and we will try to publish the according tablature snippets soon. There are already many tabs of this song online you can work with so for and if there are questions left, just feel free to ask and maybe we publish missing parts of those tablatures on our website.

As always: Feedback is very welcome!

Easy Guitar Duo Tabs

January 24, 2015

easy_duo_tabsToday, I worked on a tablature I started to write some months ago. I am still not very happy with the part used as refrain but nevertheless, the song has some nice arrangements in it. These Easy Guitar Duo Tabs are composed of the three basic chords G, D and C. It is reduced to a simple, and not very surprising melody. That way it sounds very familiar. The Easy Guitar Duo Tabs contain a Verse, a Bridge and the “Refrain”.

Maybe you have some suggestions for the refrain. I think it should be replaced by something totally different. I would appreciate some comments on that snippet below.


Here are the according tablatures:

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Four handed Guitar

January 16, 2015

fourhandedHey there, it has been a while since our last post on duochords, but today I want to share an interesting video I found on youtube and I could not resist to share it with you ;o)

This is an unusual, but a funny and amazing way to play the guitar together. Especially the part where one person strums while the other person picks the strings seems to be very tricky. But maybe in one of our next sessions Fabian or I will forget to bring one of our guitars and then we will know what we have to do ;o)

But I have no idea how to write down the tablatures for such a piece yet. ;o) I hope you enjoy this four handed guitar video as much as I do. -> watch the video on youtube

For those of you who prefer country music

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