New tabs online! Robin Schulz – Sugar

August 17, 2015


robin schulz sugar

Do you know the summer song from the german DJ Robin Schulz? If not, you have to listen to this short snippet of his song. It’s really cool and easy to play :)

Of course we have the tabs for you. We have uploaded them on ultimate guitar and in two days they are confirmed :)

In two weeks we will meet again and finally we want to make a video of our “Nothing else matters”-interpretation.

So long! Keep playing aaaaand singing :)

About the author (Fabian Weißler)

Servus! I am studying sports and mathematics to become a teacher. My friend Dorian had shown me how to play guitar in one of our holidays in france 2011. While practicing my first song ("Nothing else matters"), the traditional french drink "Ricard" was a great help! During our sessions we still use to maintain this tradition ;-) Dudes, keep playing aaand singing. Thanks a lot for this site, it was a great gift for my birthday, Dorian!. See all posts by

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